Dr. Amanda Hardesty is Live!

Dr. Amanda Hardesty L.Ac, DACM specializes in Japanese Meridian Therapy and Pediatric & Family Wellness helping families create stronger bonds through highly personalized care. Her patients feel empowered and supported choosing a slower pace of life with a strong focus on family connection and love in our extremely busy world. Her office provides a sanctuary for renewal and growth. 

For Dr. Amanda’s professional brand and website we created a supportive natural vibe, implementing uplifting, vibrant colors and unique watercolor natural design elements and paper textures as Dr. Amanda is also a woodworking artist creating custom tools for other practitioners of Japanese Meridian Therapy and Acupuncture.

Dr. Amanda is just starting out as a recent graduate, so this launch was an important milestone for her new business to create confidence and authority for a strong brand presence online. As her practice grows the website is setup for a continuous growth, making it easy to update and maintain. 


Hi Amanda! Where did your passion for wellness and health start?

When I was in high school. I was an athlete with injuries and I also had mental health problems. Neither of which were helped by western medicine. I figured there had to be another way. I got so much help from acupuncturists, chiropractors, therapists, naturopaths, etc. There are so many views of the body and they are all useful!

What is the story behind your company specialty of pediatrics and family wellness?

I did not have a pleasant experience of my own when I was pregnant and visiting a western medicine OB-GYN. I did not get the support, personalization, and empowerment that a woman needs while she is pregnant. I turned to my wellness community for help and got it. The same was true once I had my son and was looking for care for him. I want to help as many women and children as possible!

What do you love most about your work?

I love helping families get more connected and be happy. Our culture is so fast paced now and I love it when I see families doing things together and living slow. I also love empowering women. We have so much going for us and we are warriors often turned into worriers. I love bringing back the warrior! It is in us all!

What do you want to change about your industry?

I would like to bring back the personalization. Many acupuncturists are becoming westernized and trying to treat 4 people an hour or more! How can you have personalized treatments and relationships with all your patients at that rate?

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your business so far? What do you wish someone would have told you when you started out?

I’m just starting! But probably to trust my instincts and don’t question it. Also to set healthy boundaries with patients. You can’t save everyone – you don’t know their life paths!

What things do you hope to gain in your life from following this dream?

Fulfillment. I am here to help people and lead the world to a more loving connected culture.

Why did you decide not to build our own website? Were there some of the hard parts of that process?

So much to do and figure out! I could have figured it out but I didn’t have the time. I would have created a generic website. I wanted a unique website. I also wanted to bounce ideas off someone else with experience.

What are the 3 main things you are most happy about with your new brand and website? Did it the end result match or exceed your expectations of working with a web designer?

I LOVE MY LOGO. I also love my color scheme. I also love the photos on my website, they are so inspiring. The end result exceeded my expectations! I love how Modern Wellness Design incorporated pieces of my logo into my website. It is ingenious! I also love how Modern Wellness Design streamlined the process with questionnaires and writing tips. It is hard to write about yourself! But with the help of her initial questionnaire (where I was not putting pressure on myself to write something amazing) and her helpful tips made writing the content for my website much easier!

Would you recommend our services to colleagues?

YES I would highly recommend Modern Wellness Design!

Please let us know why you think it would be important to get help with branding and website for your wellness business.

The wellness community is an interesting arena. We are trying to be separate from western medicine and give patients something that is lacking in western medicine. The most important aspects to portray is that we care, and we are competent. A professional brand and website that also shows that you care about your patients accomplishes that.

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