Branding 101: 4 Steps To Creating The Wellness Brand Of Your Dreams

You are an amazing wellness and lifestyle leader. Your experience and guidance help people become the best versions of themselves, every day. You have deep connections to your work and it’s easy to tell that you are practicing your passion!

But…you are also an entrepreneur. Even though your business may not feel like work, it is a business at the end of the day. In order to keep on killing it and help as many people as you can, you’ll need the right people to find you and instantly want to work with you. You need a brilliant branding strategy.

Marketing and communication for wellness businesses is all about authentic presence – and sharing it with the world. Here’s the scoop on growing your business and some helpful branding basics.

Get up close and personal with your brand personality

Let’s face it, telling people about your services and expertise just doesn’t cut it anymore. These days, there are so many options for our potential customers to choose from, you’ve got to stand out and really shine to grab their attention and trust. While this might sound impossible, there is good news! Authenticity and focused branding works wonders, especially in the wellness and lifestyle field.

With such intimate services, your customers want to know you. Research shows that modern buying decisions are based less on price and value and more on personal connection. What does this mean for your branding strategy? Get focused on your true business persona. Be that true self. Flaunt it!


Journal Prompts to Define Your Brand Personality

  • I feel most authentic in my business when
  • Who inspired you to start your business How?
  • What inspires you daily?
  • How did you envision yourself five years down the road when you first started?
  • How do you envision yourself five years down the road from now? What does he look like, what’s on her mind, what are her dreams? What advice does she have for you?
  • What entrepreneurs (your field or different) do you truly admire? Why?
  • What 3-5 adjectives do you want your clients to say when describing you to their friends?
  • Make a “sticky” first impression

You know what they say about first impressions, right?! They can make quite a mark and there’s no business where this holds truer than wellness and lifestyle. For most of us, our website is one of the first interactions our future clients have with our business. You want it to be a stunner, invoke an emotional response, and showcase how truly awesome you are. You want your brand to “stick” in your ideal customers heads and hearts.

A website has two very important roles. The first is to be a reliable access point for your potential customers to discover, locate, and interact with you. The second is to be your 24/7 cheerleader, showcasing your unique brand and acting as the digital face of your business. This is where we make our move.

Attracting your ideal clients requires a brand-driven, authentic site that speaks to them. Their connection to your brand is the magic ingredient in converting browsers to dedicated customers who resonate with your mission. And it all starts with an authentically-you site.HOMEWORK

Business Vision Board

  • Let’s have a little fun with dreams and vision – how do you want to present yourself as an entrepreneur? One of the best ways to figure this out is to gain inspiration from other amazing brands. Make a Pinterest board, search wellness blogs, get lost on Instagram (just for a bit ?). Keep a collection of the pages that spark your interest.
  • What common themes do you see? Does a particular color scheme light you up? What makes you feel “at home” with the sites you love?
  • Be a storyteller

There is profound power in storytelling. We humans are inclined to learn life lessons and forge deep communities through the power of story and anecdotes. The stories make a lasting, emotional impression. Your business can do the same.

To effectively reach your audience, put on your storyteller hat. Your clients are craving help and guidance from a real-life, relatable mentor. The story of how you got to where you are, your struggles, your triumphs, even a few mundane details from your everyday life create the connection that drives engagement.

As a wellness or lifestyle entrepreneur, your brand story has meaning. You are selling tangible betterment and empowerment strategies to people who need them. Embrace this beautiful path you’re on! You never know when your story could be the switch that sets someone’s healing in motion.HOMEWORK

Write Your “Story”

  • You may have a fabulous “About Me” page on your current (or planned) website. Surely, you’ve listed all your degrees, certifications, interests, and awesome clinical experience. Maybe you even opened up about who you are outside of the clinic – family, pets, activities. Fabulous! But potential clients want to connect with you on a deeper level. Vulnerability and transparency create trust and admiration – two major keys to landing your ideal clients! Grab a hot cup of tea, put on your best music, and put on your writing face.
  • A few questions to help get to the heart of your story:
    – When were you most disappointed with your life? How would you handle that time with the wisdom you have now?
    – Have you ever experienced a major shift in thinking, health, or joy?
    – What has your practice taught you about life so far?
    – What do your clients teach you about life?
    – What has your practice/passions saved you from?
    – Think of a simple story from your past with a lesson that highlights your views on health and lifestyle. Even one little example can make a big impact.
  • Get to know your customer

Who are you really trying to reach? If your business has a set audience or ideal client, get intimate with who this client might be. Engage in their activities, read their books, understand their challenges. This will make your branding all the wiser and allow you to become a better team player on their journey.

If you aren’t sure who your business is targeting, it’s time to hone in. Meditate on who you love to work with in your business – you know, those clients that light you up. What is it about them? What about those who leave you exhausted or stressed? Dig deep and come up with a few defining characteristics of your ideal clientele.

Knowing your customer provides you with invaluable business strategy. Not only will this help you grow your business and develop a strong core brand, you’ll be able to help your customers more comprehensively.HOMEWORK

Phone a Friend (Client)

  • If you already have an amazing client or two that embodies who you want to work with in your business, call them up and pick their brains. Let them know you are trying to get to the heart of your ideal client so you can help more people like them (what a compliment!).
  • It might be fun to offer them a little treat for their invaluable insight – a freebie from your practice or discount on a future purchase. Even a handwritten thank you note can go a long way!

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